Guided tasting of Dop Caciocavallo Silano pairing with the Doc Red Cirò and Doc White Melissa


The Consortium, among the various promotional and development activities for the year 2009, planned, in collaboration with the Caciocavallo Safeguarding Consortium and RistoChef - Gruppo Cremonini the promotional event specified below.

The Caciocavallo Dop pairing with the Doc Red Cirò and Doc White Melissa

From May, 11 to May, 15 2009, 1000 tasting will be held in the Trenitalia dining cars, the pairings are:
less matured DOP Caciocavallo silano pairing with DOC White Melissa
matured DOP Caciocavallo Silano pairing with DOC Red Cirò.
The tasting will be realized on 4 high-speed trains on the itinerary Milan - Rome and vice versa,
passengers will be invited to tasting through audio/announcement and the RistoChef catering staff will gather in carriages for bookings with delivery of a special invitation; in the restaurant informational material about products and companies participating in the two consortia will be distributed.